I’m Feeling Curious Facts, Origin, Utility, and Fun Factors

The UK time has brought an interesting spin on Google’s “ok Google I’m feeling curious” trick. What is that? Before we go further, we will give you a random interesting fact, but first, let’s hear you say, ‘Google I’m feeling curious.’

Did you do? Perfect. So: There are zeros in a googol. There is an answer to 100.

A googol is a number in which 1 is followed by 100 zeros – 10100. The terminology was awarded its whimsical name in the late 1930s, and it got traction when an internet search engine, eyeing and wanting to process a huge amount of data, named itself…. Drum rolls, please, yes, you got it right; Google.

But, what is it all about? 

Google I’m Feeling Curious Origins

The beginning and exact point of origin for ok Google i’m feeling curious, and Google. I’m feeling curious are unknown. Google never gave an official statement concerning it. Most likely, it is the work of one or more passionate employees. 

There is a chance that the trick was launched in 2015. There was a huge increase in searches for the term in September of 2015. It is unlikely that millions of people worldwide can suddenly enter the same query at the same time frame, so it is likely that this spike was caused by people discovering the trick for the first time.

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The Mechanism? 

“The function and code behind the trick are not known. Users will be offered knowledge and facts. It might have been designed for people who don’t know how to use the internet.”

Almost all of the information on the internet can be found in the index pages of the search engine.

Utility of Google 

This google trick helps the user in numerous ways. Firstly it is a wonderful tool to kill boredom. How? It is quite common for users to explore the web without any clear objective randomly. The Google trick steers people to new information – leading towards niches and fields the person was otherwise uninterested in before discovering. 

What if it doesn’t work?

“With the information box no longer fetching searches, the trick out was phased out. The trick was back at the beginning of 2020. There are instances when it doesn’t show up, but those aren’t related to the actions of the company.”

You should if it happens.

  • Simply open your browser with the letter H and remove your history.
  • Remove all browsing history once open.
  • “If it doesn’t work, try later.”

What is about?

When you search for “I\’m feeling curious,” the search engine will give you a random interesting fact worth saving for family trivia games.

Why is ok google i’m feeling curious – so famous?

Why does the trick stand out from the rest?

The popularity of the trick is due to its informational nature. It helps you learn new information that can be useful in real life. There are a few things that you should know about this trick.

Educational Factor 

The trick is specifically designed for curious minds like yours craving knowledge while also having fun. The trick can also help you in your school and college studies and your profession. For instance, if a person searches ok google i’m feeling curious; Google will display answers to questions like “Who was the first person to land on the moon?” So if you are a science student, it will help broaden your knowledge – however, this information is for everyone curious. 

While learning new things that you can apply in your life, you can have fun with the GOOGLE trick. Okay, what cooler than this?

Opens Gateway to Other Google Tricks

“It’s boring to use the same thing again and again. If you want to stay interested, you can combine this with other tricks from the search engine. Do you want to know other great tricks? What about the last one?”

Get the Local Time Anywhere 

“The trick allows people to find out the time anywhere in the world. When you’re at home, you’re bored out of your mind and wondering what time is in other parts of the planet and what people might be doing there. The answer to your curious mind is that this is a fun, nifty trick and the options are unlimited when you have a player in the field of interesting tricks.”

Builds General Knowledge 

This trick will increase your general knowledge in many areas. The trick will allow you to get a treasure trove of different knowledge. The trick can be used when you are bored at home or waiting for a bus.

“Isn’t it enjoyable? Due to the possibilities it creates to expand your knowledge, we think so, too.”

How do you get random facts on Google?

To get a fun fact about exotic plants, animals, veggies, or fruits, go to the internet search engine and ask for it. There will be a fun quiz at the top of the results.

Future of the Trick

“It can be difficult for users to stay interested in the same thing for a long time with the rapid advancement of technology. The trick has been around for a long time, and the craze surrounding it has waned. It’s popular and gets millions of hits each year.”

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