The Cartier Bracelet Celebrities Love

“We see celebrities with their jewellery almost every day. They seem to like one piece of jewellery the most. The bracelet is made by Cartier. Although the bracelet was created over 50 years ago, it is still an on-trend item. People may be more inclined to purchase their own jewellery if they see their favourite celebrity wearing it. Who doesn’t like a matching bracelet with the royals?”

The story of the Cartier Love bracelet

The story of the Cartier Love bracelet begins just over 50 years ago, in 1959 when Aldo Cipullo emigrated to New York. Aldo quickly became famous within the New York social scene because of his involvement with huge jewellery brands like Tiffany & Co. Then, the real inspiration struck. Aldo found himself in the middle of a heated breakup with his former love interest, and at 3 am, he came up with the idea of creating a piece of jewellery that symbolises the idea of everlasting love. He wanted a bracelet that could not easily be taken on or off. Aldo believed that love is special and should be seen as a permanent thing, and that is exactly what the Love bracelet has come to represent.  

The design of the Love bracelet

“The design of the accessory is the main factor in the bracelet’s popularity. It is said that the bracelet is inspired by a chastity belt and that you cannot get it off without using a screwdriver. Some may say the design is too simple, but it is just a plain oval band. The band has screwhead motifs which give it a clever nod to the Santos watch.”

Why is the Love bracelet so popular?

Although Cartier should attribute much of the Love bracelet’s success to the fact that so many celebrities have been spotted out wearing it, there are many other reasons as to why this bracelet has seen unprecedented success. The romantic element which surrounds the bracelet lures couples into buying the bracelet, perhaps for an anniversary gift to show unconditional and unwavering love to each other. When the bracelet was first launched, Cartier gifted the item to many high-profile celebrity couples at the time; Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, and Ali McGraw and Steve McQueen. 

The celebrity Cartier club

“Modern-day celebrities are wearing the famous Cartier Love bracelet. Some of the most well-known wrists include the ones belonging to Kim and Khloer, as well as the ones belonging to Kate and the Duke. The Love bracelet is similar to the Birkin or Vuitton luggage in that it is an accessory that surpasses the idea of personal style and falls into the category of much-needed accessory. When they did a TV segment as part of Time’s annual list of the top 100 most influential people in the world, they wore matching bracelets from Cartier. The people went crazy for this accessory again after seeing this.”

How celebrities choose to style the Love bracelet

“The charm of the Love bracelet is that it goes with every single outfit. Out of the three, yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold, you should choose the right metal colour. You won’t have a problem getting everyday wear out of the bracelet if it’s in a color that matches your other jewellery. If you have a minimal or neutral wardrobe then this bracelet will complement it.”

Cartier’s entire Love collection today

The public responded well to the bracelet and now Cartier has created an entire Love collection to go with it. There are other pieces in the Love collection that are more popular than the original bracelet. The Love collection now includes necklaces, rings, earrings, and watches. The Love collection has inspired a new wave of Cartier collections, most famously named the Juste un Clou, which literally means just one nail.

How much is a Cartier Love bracelet?

If you want to buy a new Cartier Love bracelet. Then even the most basic bracelet would set you back around £6,000. If you wanted to get a Love bracelet with more embellishments to it, you are looking at around £10,000. Maybe you already own an entry-level Love bracelet and are looking to sell that to upgrade your Cartier collection. Or maybe you just want to keep adding to your jewellery collection until your wardrobe is completely full. 

Is the Love bracelet a good investment piece?

Over the last 50 years, Cartier bracelets have never been out of fashion. The Love bracelet is likely to remain a trendy item for the foreseeable future. If you are looking for an item that you will be able to pass on, accessories are a great choice. The Love bracelet is an accessory that will be passed from person to person as they begin to understand. The meaning of everlasting love.

Celebrities are continuously being spotted wearing the coveted Cartier bracelet

“The Love bracelet is Aldo’s most successful design. It says a lot about a piece of jewelry. When you can wear it for a long time. With the addition of similar combinations such as Just in Claw Piece. Cartier is truly a jewellery brand to be reckoned with. It seems that everyone is wearing the Love bracelet. Which is an extremely coveted one.”

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